Retreat Style IFS Trainings in Maine and North Carolina

Begins June 27th

This training program will take place in two extraordinary and inviting locations, one in Flat Rock, NC, and the other in Kennebunk Beach, ME.

On-Site Session 1: Flat Rock, NC
Your first training site,

IFS Resort Style Trainings
Become a certified IFS Practitioner while enjoying bucolic surroundings

is nestled within the woodlands of the Highland Lake resort community just 30 minutes from historic Asheville, NC. Surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, this is the perfect summer setting for the opening of your retreat-style IFS training.

On-Site Session 2: Kennebunk Beach, ME
Just 90 miles north of Boston, The renowned Franciscan Guest House and Retreat Center is within walking distance of sandy Maine beaches and quaint Kennebunkport Village. Here you can enjoy oceanfront walking paths and expansive manicured grounds.

Experience the lovely coast of Maine and your IFS Training
IFS in Kennybunk, Maine

Immerse yourself in the charm of this New England seaside fishing village with its singular shops and stunning autumn beauty.

The Format:
IFS Retreat-Style Level 1 training will meet for two 6-day On-Site Sessions and two Telecourse Sessions over the course of about 4 months. Your trainers will employ a variety of learning modalities, including lecture, discussion, demonstration, video review, experiential exercise, and small group supervision and practice.

Training participants thoroughly learn both IFS theory and technique, gaining a substantial understanding of the conceptual framework of IFS and the practical skills needed to actively use it with various clinical populations, including individuals, couples, children, families and groups. Participants may also take advantage of opportunities to explore their own inner worlds in a safe and nurturing context.

On-Site Session 1:
June 27 – July 2, 2010
Flat Rock, NC

On-Site Session 2:
October 8 – 13, 2010
Kennebunk Beach, ME

Telecourse Sessions: Evenings of July 26 & September 13, 2010

The Trainers:

Karen Blicher, LCSW, CHT, and Cece Sykes, LCSW, will each expertly lead one On-Site Session, ably supported by Assistant Trainer Nancy Wonder, PhD, and a full complement of knowledgeable Program Assistants.

From past participants:
“Karen is easy going, smart, fun, caring and gracious in her teaching style. She seems calm and quite competent and comfortable in her position. Made me feel the same.”http://selfleadership.org/files/videos/KarenBlicher1.html
“Cece was clear and knowledgeable…a strong, kind leader and well versed in the model.”http://selfleadership.org/files/videos/CeceSykes.html


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