IFS and the Evangelical Christian Community

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By Julie Honeycutt

Nashville, TN

The IFS community first came together with the Evangelical Christian community back in

Julie Honeycutt, Nashville, TN

2003 in Jackson, Mississippi.  Since then the interest that conservative Christians have taken with the IFS model continues to grow. Recently an online community was formed to bring theologically conservative Christians together to share ideas about how their faith informs their use of the IFS model. I’ve recently been using the model to identify the parts that block client relationships with Jesus, or to identify the parts that keep clients from being able to discern God’s voice. Others in our community have shared how they invite Jesus into the insight work of IFS, specifically the unburdening process. Others have shared how helpful it’s been to invite in Jesus and notice the reaction parts have to God.  A difficult scenario many seem to experince is allowing a part that is angry with God to be angry and fully heard. IFS help create space for the part to be fully heard and then be able to let go of its hurts and burdens. It’s exciting to see how this model can be used as one of the tools for spiritual discernment and growth in this community!

  1. I am seeking a Christian IFS therapist in the Chicago area. I welcome any referrals! Please post them here of email me at Autumn.Bills@gmail.com

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