IFS Practitioner and Therapist Certification Process

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Jon Schwartz, Director, CSL

We are now several months into the IFS Practitioner and Therapist Certification process and are pleased that so many have taken action to become certified.  Thus far, more than 150 practitioners and therapists have either completed their certification requirements and are now fully certified, or are well on their way in the process.  Many others have received their certification packets and are moving forward with the process. 

Since introducing certification at the beginning of the year, we have heard many questions and concerns that have helped us amend our process.  We’ve also heard from many who’ve expressed their resounding support for our having taken this step towards professional accountability.  As one Certification candidate wrote to us:

“I think having a credentialing process is a REALLY GOOD THING and a great development in the organization that will contribute to IFS becoming more established and respected within the therapeutic community as an innovative therapy that sets high standards and monitors the reliability of the therapists that claim to be IFS practitioners.  It will certainly help me when I am making referrals in areas all around the country and world, as I often do, since I currently have little way of knowing how competent the person I’m recommending is when I make that referral.” 

I think this statement wonderfully captures our rationale for taking this step forward, and we genuinely appreciate all of the feedback and support in this part of our journey.  Please check our website for more information on how to become a certified therapist or practitioner at www.selfleadership.org .



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