IFS Certification is HERE!

In Dr. Dick Schwartz, IFS Training, Internal Family Systems, Psychotherapy, Uncategorized on January 13, 2010 at 1:32 am

The Center for Self Leadership is pleased to ring in the New Year with the beginning of the IFS Certification process, which goes into effect immediately. IFS Certification is a momentous step forward in the evolution of the IFS model. The IFS Certification process provides a clear set of actions for the IFS Therapist and IFS Practitioner to undertake in order to demonstrate the competencies and experience necessary to practice the IFS model effectively. Certification adds a measure of quality control in the practice of IFS by providing a way to recognize those who have demonstrated the capacity to safely and effectively use the model.

If you click on the link below you will see three things:

*The policy/procedure for IFS certification;
*A list of all IFS Certification Reviewers;
*Contact information for IFS Certification Applications.

Please take a close look at these materials to learn how to become an IFS Certified Therapist or Practitioner. Note, too, that the processes by which one becomes a Certified IFS Therapist or a Certified IFS Practitioner are exactly the same. The difference in title relates to the applicant’s existing credentials at the time of application.

The IFS Practitioner Directory, located on the CSL website (www.selfleadership.org), will undergo a major change in the coming year as a result of IFS Certification. There will be a one year period in which anyone currently on the Practitioner Directory can apply to become an IFS Certified Therapist or Practitioner. As of December 31, 2010, we will only include in our directory those who have become IFS Certified Therapists or Practitioners. This is a necessary change, as it is CSL’s responsibility to support and promote the work of those who’ve demonstrated proficiency in the model as prescribed by the IFS Certification process.

The Certification process has been a long, interesting and ultimately rewarding process, and I am very grateful to many people for their support and contributions to this significant and historic undertaking. In addition, I am very appreciative of the many people who have indicated their support for creating an IFS Certification process and their recognition of the importance of certification as a necessary step forward in the development of IFS.


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