Join Us on the IFS FORUM

In anorexia nervosa, anxiety, bulimia, Couple therapy, Dr. Dick Schwartz, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy on December 14, 2009 at 8:29 pm

As a way to nurture our community the Center for Self Leadership has created a new online forum on our website!  I invite you to click here to check it out:


The forum will nourish and enhance our community through ongoing communication about anything and everything related to IFS: what has your IFS training experience been?  What are you doing as therapists, clients, parents, teachers, healthcare workers, business leaders, clergy?  Do you have questions of others about their use and experience with IFS?  Are there any IFS related photo’s, poems, songs, art that you’d like to share?

Please spend some time on the forum.  Read what others have written or, because the forum is brand new, boldly get the ball rolling by posting something that others can take in and respond to.  The forum is the new place to connect and I really hope I “see you there!”  

And finally, I wish all of you, your families, friends, and yes, your communities, a happy holiday season.




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