“A Lot to Say” IFS Workshop at the Cape Cod Institute July 2009

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It was a wonderful week long workshop featuring the use of IFS as a therapeutic model in many one on one demonstrations.  Dr. Schwartz also showed videos featuring poignant client issues like eating disorders and post traumatic stress disorders followed by his personal insights and discussions .

IFS Workshop with Dick Schwartz

Workshop participants share thier thoughts after the workshop:

 “I feel more open to myself and my clients. The live demonstrations were very powerful and instructive. The workshop talk both organized and flexible. It was a great experience.”


 Jill Entis, LICSW- “This brief exposure to IFS has opened up an important path for me, and hopefully, eventually my clients. I have been practicing Vipasana Meditation for 3o years which of course, has profoundly affected my own way of being in the world including how I work in my practice. IFS is such a natural fit and my intention is to receive more training so that I can practice this form responsibly and well.”

Sharon Michener LCMSTE- “I’ve attended many trainings and workshops. The fact that IFS focuses on loving all our parts, even those we despise . The focus on the body with a lot of patience and sharing our vulnerability, as we are ready, is a relief from the heady analysis of most therapy.”

Sally Frances, MA LCSW-” I’m very grateful to have been here this week. This has been my favorite workshop that I’ve done on the Cape.-and I’ve done a number of them. Dick is so authentic and clear and spontaneous and comfortable with himself and the material. I’m going to have to do my own IFS work now. Thank you.”

Nancy Cherico, Ph.D.-” I haven’t been this excited about learning and about my work since I was 18 and discovered Carl Rogers writing in the college library and was first exposed to the idea that I might even be okay just the way I was. Looking forward to my own IFS therapy and further training. Thank you!”

Mary O’Neill, Ph.D.-” This was the most powerful and most valuable conference I have ever attended(bar none in over 30 years). My own individual therapy is IFS and it has been the most healing process of my life. It has helped me heal from a trauma that I believed I would never recover from. Dick presents as both brilliant and humble, a very unusual combination in high profile experts. His manner and work with us in the conference, allowed me to be most open, most receptive, and most educated. I am grateful beyond words.”

Peter Szuch-” Thank you for leading such a thoughtful and enlightening training. The best part for me was the chance to reconnect to old parts that will guide me to future unburdening.”

Jean Wakem-” This IFS work has helped to reinforce the therapy I do with others-the value of love, non-judgmental, positive regard and patience. Also, the 8 C words have been important reminders to me to stay in my “higher” self. Thanks.”

Cape Cod Institute, July 2009 Cape Cod Institute, July 2009 

Work shop participant- “I have felt an infinity to this work. It is a very natural match to my interest in/practice of meditation and psychotherapy.”


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